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Engineering & Automation

FEI prides itself with a highly qualified team of experienced engineers who proprieties customer satisfaction above all else. Our engineering division provides excellent service for clients who deal with a large variety of food processing, packaging, inspection solutions and quality insurance. From ingredients to automation of machines our engineering are there to help you from start to finish as well as providing a complete installation of machinery to maintenance.

Vibgyor Culinary Solutions

Vibgyor culinary solutions, strive to provide high-quality food ingredients to the food industry. Our seamlessly integrated quality management systems, international hygiene standards and top of the line food additives ensure top quality throughout all products of our Vibgyor range. We are proud of our ever growing cliental, ranging from hotels, cafes, catering businesses, independent bakeries as well as housewives cooking from home.

Research & Development Lab

FEI takes pride in our extensive R&D department, who tirelessly work around the clock to come up with new and innovate ways to further develop and create new food coloring and ingredients for our clients satisfaction. Our R&D department are also researching on broad range of F&B solutions and ensuring Innovative & Quality finished products to our customers” while maintaining the highest standards that our clients expect of us.

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