Snack Industry

FEI has partnered with some of the leading providers of snack equipment to provide solutions for the production and packaging of potato chips, extruded snacks and complete range of nimco based products.

Bakery Industry

FEI is leading the cake and baking trends by partnering with global giants for bakery machineries by providing complete production lines, ovens, processing and packaging of biscuits, cookies, crackers, sandwich biscuits…

Cutting and dicing

FEI has partnered with URSCHEL being the pioneer in food cutting technology by providing industrial shredders, paste makers, granulators, dicers, mincers, slicers and milling machinery solutions.

Meat and poultry

FEI provides complete solutions for meat & poultry related to processing, packaging and inspection machinery. FEI has partnered with worlds renowned food processing companies such as Heat & Control…

Pharmaceutical Industry

FEI provides metal detectors, dedusters, and various other equipment to the pharmaceutical industry. Furthermore, FEI has played a vital role in providing the pharmaceutical industry with the essentials ingredients like masking agents…

Confectionery Industry

FEI has partnered with world’s leading providers in the confectionary industry for processing, production and packaging lines for chocolate, hard candy, toffee, candy bar lines, jellies, chewing gums and marshmallows…