Cutting and Dicing

FEI has partnered with URSCHEL being the pioneer in food cutting technology by providing industrial shredders, paste makers, granulators, dicers, mincers, slicers and milling machinery solutions for dairy (cheese slicing, dicing and shredding), frozen food, meat & poultry, fruit and vegetables, pulp making, potato slicing and dicing, comitrol for size reduction in biscuits and biscuit rework. Urschel Solutions are actively being used in the fruit cutting for achar Industries.


Increase in productivity, energy saving, easy to clean, precision cutting along with developing new cut shapes are only a few of the characteristics of an Urchel cutting and dicing equipment. Based in the heart of United States, Urschel is the leader in providing cutting and dicing equipment to food industries, where it is known to be arguably the best in dealing with hard to cut objects. Far Eastern Impex Pvt Ltd solely represents URSCHEL in Pakistan and is authorized to conduct its installations, commissioning and support customers with after sales services and spare parts.  Urschel provides equipment for a range of applications such as cutting & dicing of vegetables, fruits, dairy & cheese dicing, shredding, cutting & slicing of potatoes in snack industry, size reduction in bakery products and a range of solutions for meat and poultry.

For details, please refer to URSCHEL website: