Food Processing

It won’t be wrong to say that for most countries, food processing industry is one of the major contributors to the overall health of the economy. Currently valued at $2 Trillion, the industry is set to grow in folds due to the rising demand and changes occurring in the supply chain mechanisms. According to estimates, by 2050, India, China, Indonesia, Philippines and Pakistan will represent more than 50% of the world’s population with a directly proportional rise in demand for processed food.

It has been analyzed that the food and beverage processing industry is the 2nd largest industry of Pakistan after textiles, accounting for 27% of the value-added production and 16% of employment in the manufacturing sector.


To compensate for the rising demand of machinery and food processing equipment in Pakistan, Far Eastern Impex has partnered with various international principals to provide top performing and best in class machinery to food producers in Pakistan. Some of our prominent principals are:


Founded in 1860, Bühler still is a Swiss family business in the fifth generation, Bühler and its leaders are oriented on values such as trust, respect and sustainability. Today, Bühler operates in 140 countries with over 30 production and 100 service centers. Through its strategic partnership with Far Eastern Impex in Pakistan, Bühler offers a range of machinery biscuits, crackers, cakes, wafers, aerated masses such as jelly and marshmallows. In addition to that, Bühler offers processing lines for chocolate, candies and coffee, cereal, protein, fruit and nut bar, plain or enrobed with chocolate.





The legacy of mixing, kneading and stirring equipment for the confectionery industry by MASCHINENFABRIK HERMANN LINDEN GmbH & Co. KG of Marienheide, Germany goes back to 75 years. Today, the name is well known and trusted by various confectionery manufacturers around the globe. In Pakistan, Far Eastern Impex is the sole partner for the distribution of Linden equipment.

All Linden machines can be customized to meet all the requirements of the manufacturer. We deliver the perfect combination of extensively tried and tested machines and modular setting up which can be adapted to virtually any condition. Heating, cooling, special execution – whatever is good for your product. To learn more about Linden’s offerings, please click here.


Proform is the world’s leading provider of extrusion and forming technology for confectionery products.

Proform builds a wide range of production machinery for the confectionery and pharmaceutical industries for products such as:

  • Chewing-gum & Bubble-gum
  • Soft or Chewy Candy
  • Toffee, Caramel
  • Hard Candy
  • Licorice & Fruit Gum

For more details, related to proform please visit the website.


CHOCOTECH GmbH is a company of German origin and one of the esteemed partners of Far Eastern Impex that manufactures hygienically designed and energy efficient kitchens for the confectionery industry. Chocotech’s specialty is the lines for jelly, caramel, fondant, chewy candy and aerations of candies and toffees. CHOCOTECH is also a major player in equipment for hard candy. The SUCROMASTER® line is designed for the production of hard candy and covers capacities from 500 kg to 4000 kg/hr. The candy mass can be sucrose based, sugar free, with milk, laminated, liquid filled, powder filled, multi-flavor and multi-color. We as the sole distributors of CHOCOTECH kitchens in Pakistan not only offers the equipment but a prolific after sales support to the confectionery maker. For more information, please click here.



Sollich; a trusted name for confectionery making that has a strong heritage of 80 years. Sollich production program today ranges from form, extrusion and cutting systems, fully automatic coating systems, enrobing and cooling tunnels to chocolate tempering machines and casting systems for confectionery. Through its modern technical center, equipped with production machines and modern measuring technology, guarantees the technically and qualitatively unique standard of the machines. Sollich can support confectionery manufacturers based in Pakistan for product testing in a practical manner at their laboratory, complete recipe development of a new product and training of food specialists. For more details regarding SOLLICH please click here.


American Extrusion

With an experience of 75 years of serving the global snack industry through its snack making equipment that includes extruders, cutters, ovens and fryers, American Extrusion takes the lead when it comes to equipment that increases productivity and saves cost. Through its strategic partnership with Far Eastern Impex Pvt Ltd, we have become one and the only partners of AEI in Pakistan and with their unparalled expertise we provide snack making machine to clients, right according to your requirements. There are also fry-type snack production and rotary head extruders available. You can make snacks of multiple shapes and sizes with them that are going definitely entice your target market. Please click here to learn more about American Extrusion’s snack making machines.


Heat and Control

Far Eastern Impex in collaboration with its renowned international principal; Heat & Control, provides end-to-end solution for creating prepared food items from meat and poultry. Complete food processing lines and kitchens are part of the Heat and Control portfolio that includes equipment for raw material acquisition till the final product output. Whatever your product is, one of the Heat and Control equipment can meet your requirements with precision yielding high productivity.

To learn more about the snack systems that Heat and control has to offer, please click here.



Rheon is a true pioneer in the field of baking. The work of Rheon has had immeasurable effects on the food production industry throughout the world. By offering a wide range of encrusting machine and other equipment that are used for making products that are innovative and delicious, Rheon has certainly made its mark within the global baking industry and is the unrivalled champion of bread, biscuits and croissant making machines. The machines are well suited to be customized according to the requirement of the product. Twin color cookies, open top pizza, salami, croissant and eastern sweet meat are only some of the possibilities a Rheon machine can put in front of you. In Pakistan, Far Eastern Impex is the sole distributor of Rheon machines. For more information regarding a machine model that best suits your requirements, please contact us.



WDS is one of the leading global manufacturers of confectionery machines. As a specialist for Moulding plants, we are able to cover the entire spectrum of deposited sweets with different applications and throughputs. We know that quality, innovation, short response times and a worldwide distribution which is built on superior customer service, are exactly the requirements that the global markets set to a modern company of our time. Therefore, hardly one WDS system resembles another. Individuality in planning and design has thus become the special profile of WDS over the years. In Pakistan, WDS machines are distributed exclusively by Far Eastern Impex. To fetch more information about any of the WDS machine, please contact us.


Sanko Machinery Ltd, our Japanese principal who offers packaging machines specially for sachet making. The company has been in successful operation since 1970 and till date has provided hundreds of machines to pharmaceuticals and food manufacturers around the globe. Backed by a truly visionary management and supported by trained engineers, a Sanko machine is bound to put your business to profitability. There is a wide range of machines to choose from depending upon various characteristics of your products.

To learn more about Sanko packaging machine, please contact us.


Houdijk Holland

Houdijk is already well known for its equipment, handling systems, operating software and components.

Another equally important dimension to the company that makes Houdijk so unique is the expertise that we have built up over the years. Without it we simply could not develop our unique systems for the diverse range applications to be found at biscuit manufacturers around the world.

Far Eastern Impex distributes Houdijk feeding systems to local food manufacturers in Pakistan With FEI and Houdijk as your partner, you can be sure that even the most complex process will lead to streamlined production. Every type of expertise on the feeding of a diverse range biscuit products can be found at a Houdijk equipment.

Put your biscuits in the hands of the people who love them most: the specialists at Houdijk.


As the world’s leading manufacturer of integrated snack food packaging systems, Ishida offers technologically advanced vertical form-fill-seal bag makers exclusively for the snack food industry. It can produce many bag formats, including pillow, gusset and block-bottom. Used in conjunction with our multihead weighers, Ishida’s bag makers offer a number of important features and benefits:

  • High performance bag maker machines offering the highest available speeds
  • Ishida reliability maximizes machine availability and lowers operating and maintenance costs
  • Simple touch screen set-up and operation
  • Improved pack quality
  • Reduced product and film waste
  • Consistent bag length
  • Enhanced pack presentation

To learn more about the equipment that we have to offer, click here.


Contaminants in food items is a common issue that is faced by multiple food manufacturers and possess a serious threat to the product’s reputation and to the consumers’ health. The most common contaminants that are often found in food items are metal particles. CEIA, the world leader in metal detecting equipment in collaboration with Far Eastern Impex Pvt Ltd, offers world class metal detectors for food items specially snacks. Metal detectors from CEIA comes with highest efficiency ratio and are sensitive enough to detect the items of even the lowest densities, that makes them unrivalled within the market. Many food manufacturers are already using CEIA metal detectors in Pakistan and obtaining economies of scale through quality assured products. To learn more about CEIA metal detectors, please click here.


CAMA is an international leading name for the engineering and the production of complete high technology secondary packaging systems for major multinational groups both in the food and non-food markets. All Cama machines can be combined in complete packaging lines for snacks, biscuits, confectionery, cereals, powders, yogurt, ready meals, ice creams, personal and home care products, as well as other major industries.

For more details regarding CAMA, please refer to the official website:



Theegarten-Pactec is an established name of the confectionery industry. As one of the world’s leading manufacturers in the packaging technology sector, Theegarten is the world leader for the high quality and intelligent packaging machines for small-sized confectionery products and other foodstuffs, such as stock cubes, as well as for non-food items, e.g. detergent tablets.

Theegarten-Pactec is known for innovation and the prompt response to customers’ wishes for premium quality. Far Eastern Impex is the sole distributor of TheeGarten Packaging machines and systems in Pakistanand offers complete range of packaging systems to confectionery and pharmaceutical manufacturers in the country, For more information about TheeGarten packaging systems, click here.


A synonymous name with high-speed automatic packaging, SPS specializes in the production of automatic packaging systems for bakery and chocolate products. The company is strongly oriented towards the international market with customers and installations in the five continents.

SPS designs and builds automatic pick-up and sorting systems for products arriving from process lines, a wide range of portioning and automatic loading systems, high-speed horizontal flow-pack packaging machines and accessories for completion of the lines. The machines are well suited for wrapping and packaging of all kinds of biscuits, wafers and sandwiches. For more information please visit: