Inspection System

Food is a crucial part of our daily lives. Food inspection is one element of the food manufacturing process that ensures quality and hygiene during production till reaching the consumer. There can be multiple contaminants that could come in contact with food while it is still in the production processes and therefore to avoid mix-up of any harmful to health element in the food item, we offer a range of inspection systems for food, pharma and related industries.

We specialize in providing the following food inspection equipment:

Industrial Metal Detectors

Through a strategic partnership from our renowned Italian principal CEIA SpA, Far Eastern Impex offers a wide range of high efficiency metal detectors in Pakistan that can detect metal particles/items that can accidently contaminate industrial products. CEIA metal detectors are highly sensitive and can detect even the minutest contaminants within food products, exceeding the strictest quality control standards.


X-Ray inspection systems

In collaboration with our international principal Ishida, Far Eastern Impex provides industrial X-Ray inspection systems in Pakistan to all the leading food manufacturers. Our top of the line X-ray inspection systems are sensitive enough to detect foreign bodies of the lowest densities, that allows them to outperform all the other competitors in the market.


Check Weighers

Accurate weight is one of the essential elements for any product’s success in the market. To help manufacturers supply uniformly weighed packs of food items, Far Eastern Impex has joined hands with Ishida, one of the world leading weighing systems manufacturer from Japan offering a range of weighing equipment to food and non-food segments across Pakistan.

Not only does the check weigher systems guarantees consistently weighed packs, it also supports the production teams with data and analytics for their productions.