Check Weighers

Accurate weighing of product packaging becomes a situation for many business owners that gets hard to resolve. Not only it has negative effects on the brand’s credibility it also changes the way the target market perceives the product, thus overall affecting its market share.

To ease out food manufacturers in Pakistan, Far Eastern Impex provides effective weighing solutions through its strategic partnership with Ishida Japan. Weighing solutions are Ishida’s core competency. The company is known for producing highly accurate and multi-tasking weighing equipment for years. Through its extensive range of weighing machines, that includes screw feeder weighers, fresh food weighers and cut-gate weighers, Ishida now stand at the market leader position specially in the weighing equipment segment for food manufacturers around the globe.

The newest RV range of multihead weighers by Ishida are the fastest, toughest and smartest weighers ever produced and are ideal for processing fresh and frozen foods.

These weighing machines can be supplied as part of a complete line or interface with existing weighing or packing equipment. Highly flexible, our equipment can weigh and sort product into a wide range of packs including bags, trays and cartons.


Choose from a wide range of weighing equipment available:

Multihead Weighers

  • Improved weighing accuracy means more packs per kg of product
  • Fast calculation time delivers more packs per shift
  • Self-tuning vibration system optimizes product flow
  • Simple, tool-free cleaning cuts weighing machine downtime
  • Quicker, simpler training and use, with easy-to-learn operator interface
  • A range of ‘bolt-on’ options available

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Screw Feeder Weighers

Designed for difficult-to-handle foods that resist movement, for example, fresh products that are sticky, oily or marinated.

The coreless screw, made of stainless steel with a spiral construction, moves the product on the multihead weigher gently but firmly towards the hopper system. This enables the screw feeder weigher to achieve speeds and performance normally associated with much freer-flowing products.

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Specialty Weighers

Various food types present different challenges to the processing and packaging process. For example, “sticky” products such as meat or chicken do not flow easily through the packaging line, whilst products such as salt or couscous flow too quickly.

We have many more specialist models available to suit a wide range of applications. Please click here to discuss your particular requirements.