X-Ray Inspection Systems

Far Eastern Impex through its strategic partnership with Ishida; the leading manufacturer of high sensitivity Xray Systems from Japan, provides industrial X-Ray equipment to all the food manufacturers in Pakistan.

Through its high performing IX Series, Ishida has maintained the industry leader position in the longest range X-ray inspection systems in Pakistan. The IX Series X-ray equipment is capable of detecting foreign bodies of the lowest densities, that makes it the most out-performing models of X-ray inspection systems unlike any other available in the market.

Through its unique “Genetic Algorithms (GA)” in its image processing, Ishida’s IX Series is the most promising food X-rays manufactured today, mainly because the GA technology assures thorough inspection of any product for the full spectrum of external bodies at sensitivity levels that are matched by no other equipment available today.

The Ishida IX-Series guarantees:

  • Complete peace of mind for your product quality
  • Continuing growth of loyal customers to your brand
  • Complete records of all production data, allowing you to stay on top of your production line

Choose from a wide range of the IX-Series X-ray:

IX-G2 Series

  • Pinpoint detection of foreign bodies under 0.6mm thanks to enhanced GA technology – from shell and stone, to metal and bone.
  • Accurate X-ray inspection capable of handling packaged products with uneven surfaces, granular products and overlaps.
  • Dramatically reduced detection errors in your production line, enabled by a dual energy sensor.
  • Automated operation settings for unbeatable user-friendliness.


IX-EN Series

  • A one-stop shop for detecting a range of foreign bodies and defects, thanks to 5-stage image analysis.
  • An unbeatable return on investment without compromising on accuracy.
  • A system completely customizable to your application, from specific product widths to surface finish.
  • An ergonomically designed machine, so it is easy to set up and integrate into your production line.

IX-GN Series

  • The most versatile detection settings that cater exactly to your inspection requirements.
  • Levels of inspection quality that exceed previous capabilities, thanks to 7-stage image analysis.
  • User-friendly operation that makes the most complex inspection process simple.
  • Accurate and reliable inspection of a wide range of products, from salads and sandwiches, to ready meals and meat.


IX-GN-K Series

  • Superb waterproofing, with IP69K compliance, for withstanding the most intense cleaning processes, required by an increasing amount of food retailers
  • A hygienic system that is ideal for inspecting raw food products, such as chicken, salad or cheese, that can be completely and thoroughly disinfected and sterilized
  • An airtight structure that shuts out all possible infiltrates, with air conditioner installed to help dissipate heat
  • The system is capable of identifying foreign bodies, fractures, deformations or voids in the product with superior image processing technology