For packaging solutions FEI has partnered with Ishida, SPS, CAMA, Theegarten. Using the latest equipment, FEI provides customized packaging solutions that aims to improve the packaging efficacy of a food manufacturer.


A synonymous name with high-speed automatic packaging, SPS specializes in the production of automatic packaging systems for bakery and chocolate products. The company is strongly oriented towards the international market with customers and installations in the five continents.

SPS designs and builds automatic pick-up and sorting systems for products arriving from process lines, a wide range of portioning and automatic loading systems, high-speed horizontal flow-pack packaging machines and accessories for completion of the lines. In addition, SPS stands out in the production of filling machines for mono or bi-colour creams and related automatic feeding systems. The machines are well suited for wrapping and packaging of all kinds of biscuits, wafers and sandwiches. For baked goods manufacturers in Pakistan, a SPS machine is offered by Far Eastern Impex who are the sole distributors of SPS in Pakistan. For more information regarding a machine that suits your requirements, please click here.





CAMA Group is world’s leading provider for automation solutions in secondary packaging . Its unique selling proposition is the “global consulting approach” that is unique to every customer’s packaging request. Cama has been supplying packaging machines for over thirty years, now offering its “new generation” machines AND robotic loading units with the latest open architecture electronic controls. This series has been developed and improved during recent years to achieve higher performance and increased reliability, along with user friendly interface for line operators and mechanics. All CAMA machines can be combined in complete packaging lines for snacks, biscuits, confectionery, cereals, powders, yogurt, ready meals, ice creams, personal and home care products, as well as other major industries. Far Eastern Impex is the official partner of CAMA Group in Pakistan.For more details regarding secondary automation solutions please click here to contact us.


Theegarten-Pactec is an established name in the industry. As one of the world’s leading manufacturers in the packaging technology sector, They develop high quality and intelligent packaging machines for pharmaceutical products, confectionery and other foodstuffs. Theegarten-Pactec is known for innovation and the prompt response to customers’ wishes for premium quality. Far Eastern Impex is the sole distributor of TheeGarten Packaging machines and systems in Pakistan, offering complete range of TheeGarten packaging systems to confectionery manufacturers in the country, that are going to boost productivity and profitability with high speed pack making. For more information about TheeGarten packaging systems, click here.


As the world’s leading manufacturer of integrated snack food packaging systems, Ishida offers technologically advanced vertical form-fill-seal bag makers exclusively for the snack food industry. It can produce many bag formats, including pillow, gusset and block-bottom. Used in conjunction with our multihead weighers, Ishida’s bag makers offer a number of important features and benefits:

  • High performance bag maker machines offering the highest available speeds
  • Ishida reliability maximizes machine availability and lowers operating and maintenance costs
  • Simple touch screen set-up and operation
  • Improved pack quality
  • Reduced product and film waste
  • Consistent bag length
  • Enhanced pack presentation

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Sanko Machinery Ltd, our Japanese principal who offers packaging machines specially for sachet making. The company has been in successful operation since 1970 and till date has provided hundreds of machines to pharmaceuticals and food manufacturers around the globe. Backed by a truly visionary management and supported by trained engineers, a Sanko machine is bound to put your business to profitability. There is a wide range of machines to choose from depending upon various characteristics of your products.
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