Accurate weighing of product packaging becomes a situation for many business owners that gets hard to resolve. Deviations from the promised weight not only has negative effects on the brand’s credibility it also changes the way the target market perceives the product, thus overall affecting its market share. To ease out food manufacturers in Pakistan, Far Eastern Impex provides effective and high speed check weighing solutions from ISHIDA Japan. These check weighers are highly accurate and reject any product with higher or lower than desired weight to ensure that the product that goes in the market is as per the committed weight by the manufacturer.


Ishida is the world leader in providing weighing, packaging and inspection solutions to almost all types of food manufacturers around the globe. The solutions include multihead weighers, bag makers, quality control equipment such as check weighers, X-ray, seal checkers etc.

By combining the efficacies of each of its equipment, Ishida specializes in providing creative, ergonomic systems that gets your products retail ready and instils market winning properties in them. Far Eastern Impex Pvt Ltd is the sole distributor of Ishida equipment & spare parts in Pakistan and provides reliable installation, commissioning and after sales support services to all the food manufacturers in Pakistan.  For more information about Ishida’s offerings, please visit the website: https://www.ishida.com/