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Food Colours

FEI caters to the demands for food colours by supplying all natural synthetic colours. FEI supplies a variety of food colouring in the form of liquids, powders, gels, pastes, Powdered Natural Colour (Dice) and Blended Colour (Dispersion-Lathe). FEI insures that the quality of the food colours is meeting those of global standards, be it for pharmaceutical or for food colouring. FEI produces food colouring in two forms; dispersion colours and Lake pigments.

Dispersion Colors are available in powder, granulated and liquid forms. The powder form is used in drinks; the granulated form is used in baked goods and confectionary items while the liquid form is used for wide variety of food products.

Lake pigments are generally used for medicinal purposes and for Bakery industry cakes and doughnut mixes. These pigments are also used in confectionary items such as candies and chewing gums. In addition to this, they are used in cosmetic such as lipsticks, soaps and shampoos. FEI’s lake pigments are the best and most appropriate alternative to dyes, which are not soluble in water.


At FEI there is no compromise when it comes to flavours. We use the latest technology along with tapping into new trends that are prevalent both internationally and locally so that customized flavors from both natural and artificial sources can be derived. FEI offers innovative products that are developed according to the finest gradations of customer preferences allowing even the most unique of demands to be achieved.

If you combine good food flavours, food turns into an orchestra -Joey Fatone

Our decade of experience in the industry has qualified us to understand how different flavours behave under different applications, allowing us to develop custom flavours that result in products that taste flavoursome consistently.

We offer a diverse range of flavours including natural flavours, natural identical flavours, synthetic flavours and natural pulp/juice Compounds.


We supply rich and diversified forms of cocoa at FEI which include cocoa powder alkalized and cocoa powder natural which are both intense chocolate flavours used in products such as chocolate ice cream, hot cocoa mixes, beverages, chocolate syrups and bakery products. We also produce high quality cocoa mass, cocoa butter, chocolate covertures, chocolate sauces, chocolate chips and chocolate compounds.

FEI uses high quality cocoa manufactured by Barry Callebaut, world’s leading supplier of cocoa products and chocolate.


Pan Releasing Agent is the signature product of Far Eastern Impex Pvt Ltd. This agent is used as a greasing agent at industrial baking setups and allow the bakers to produce high quality product without wastage by eliminating the need to scrap the product off the baking tray. Pan releasing agent can also be used with any product that involves cooking or baking in a tray type format.
Pan releasing agent is exclusively available at Far Eastern Impex and anyone who is interested can request for more details on


FEI cake gels have helped numerous industries, bakeries, restaurants and home bakers to produce delicious baked marvels. Cake gels eases production of cakes, improves volume, improves texture, and improves shelf life. At the same time it also lowers production cost. Our cake gels can be used with all types of sponge cakes, Swiss rolls and layered cakes. FEI produces its own diverse range of cake gels manufactured at our factory located in Khi.


Ready-to-use glaze gel is an essential pantry staple for pastry chefs. Being multipurpose with a smooth and fluid texture it lets chefs quickly create an incredibly shiny and glossy finish for mousses, cakes, tarts, and fruit cuts. Glaze gel offers a delightful multisensory experience that consumers love. Its thixotropic property allows it to be mixed with flavors and gel colors to add a shiny visual appearance and a highly desirable feel in the mouth. FEI uses glaze gel produced by its own brand Vibgyor foods.


Seasonings are an essential element in elevating the taste of the food items from ordinary to scrumptious. We cater to the market by providing customized seasonings and flavors such as masala, achar, yogurt & herb, cheese, butter, tomato, barbeque, paprika, meat, vinegar and onion for savory food items, specifically snacks such as potato chips, tortilla chips, crackers cheese snacks, nuts, pretzels and meat snacks. We also supply seasoning products that give flavor to popcorn including White Cheddar, Nacho, Ranch, Butter, Caramel, and Kettle Corn Flavor.