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FEI is leading the cake and baking trends by partnering with global giants for bakery ingredients that includes pan releasing agents, colors, flavors, cocoa powder, seasonings, emulsifiers, cake gels and enzymes.  We also offer also represents world’s leading names for biscuit processing, ovens and packaging lines. We have the capability to support you with the manufacturing g biscuits, cookies, wafers, crackers, sandwich biscuits, swiss rolls, eastern sweet meat and layered cakes.


What sets us apart:

Broad portfolio of products

Unlike any of its competitors, FEI provides the broadest portfolio of application specific natural and synthetic ingredients to the bakery industry in Pakistan. Not only ingredients, FEI also provides food processing and quality assurance equipment to baked goods manufacturers throughout the country, that could improve the quality of their product, reduce production time and helps in introducing innovative products for their target market. 



Wide Variety of ingredients

Ranging from pan releasing agents to cake gels, colors, flavors, emulsifiers, fondant, cocoa powders and cooking chocolates, a wide range of high quality baking ingredients awaits you.


Local flavor blending facility

Far Eastern Impex specializes in providing a wide variety of flavors that are natural or blended as per the client’s requirements. Our flavor blending facility is located locally, that saves you the time and efforts for having them blended and created at some external source.



Customized seasonings

We offer customized seasonings for savory baked goods to all the bakers and industries in Pakistan. If the client wants to create a seasoning by his own resources, we also offer concentrated top notes of any flavor that will create a finger licking worthy seasoning.


Halal certified products

All our product offerings are halal certified from a globally accredited Halal certifying body. 




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