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We offer flavors, colors, syrups, emulsifiers, stevia, enzymes and concentrated top notes to the beverage manufacturers in Pakistan.


What sets us apart:

Broad portfolio of products

Unlike any of its competitors, FEI provides the broadest portfolio of application specific natural and synthetic ingredients to the beverage industry in Pakistan. Not only ingredients, FEI also provides food processing and quality assurance equipment to baked goods manufacturers throughout the country, that could improve the quality of their product, reduce production time and helps in introducing innovative products for their target market. 



Blended flavors for a unique taste

we not only provide base flavors for your beverage products, but can also blend flavors together to create a unique taste that is going to make your product shine in the market. Just one flavored drink is too main stream for the fast paced world of today. Let there be innovation through varied tastes that we can provide.


Halal certified products

All our product offerings are halal certified from a globally accredited Halal certifying body.



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