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Far Eastern Impex holds the longest successful legacy of providing different ingredients to the pharmaceutical sector of Pakistan. We offer flavors, colors, masking agents, extracts and enzymes. We source our ingredients from the best international resources.  We also represent world’s leading brand CEIA SpA Italy; they are the world’s leading brand for metal detectors for pharmaceuticals offering unmatched sensitivities.


What sets us apart:

Broad portfolio of products

Unlike any of its competitors, FEI provides the broadest portfolio of application specific natural and synthetic ingredients to the pharma sector of Pakistan.



In-house research lab

Our in-house research lab is fully capable of testing ingredients for their compatibility with other elements that are involved in production of a drug. For this purpose, a range of tests are conducted that validates its usage in the production process.

Halal certified products

All our product offerings are halal certified, so your customer’s mind remains worry-free while consuming the product from this religious obligation.



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