Snack Industry

FEI has partnered with world’s leading companies offering solutions for the processing, production and packaging of all kinds of snack products including potato chips, extruded snacks and complete range of nimco (ethnic snacks).

In addition to that our ingredients division works meticulously to deliver you customized seasoning, exceptional flavors, colors and ingredients that matches your expectations.


What sets us apart:

Fastest route to production

The pre-mixed seasoning compounds that we offer to customers, saves them the laborious work of creating a seasoning mix/flavor at their facility and reduces the time required to apply on finished products. Relying on a tailor made product that they will receive from us will make their production process smooth, safe and rapid, further cutting down on the overhead costs incurred.

In-house research lab

our in-house research lab is fully capable of creating unique flavors for our clients. We also support with research on their product such as shelf life assessment or compatibility with the packaging material and so on.

Local flavor blending facility

Far Eastern Impex specializes in providing a wide variety of flavors that are natural or blended as per the client’s requirements. Our flavor blending facility is located locally, that saves you the time and efforts for having them blended and created by some external source.

Customized seasonings

Not only can we create customized seasonings for your meat and poultry product, but we can also provide you the concentrated powder top note of any flavor that you may require to create a unique seasoning at your facility for your product.

Halal certified products

All our product offerings are halal certified from a globally accredited Halal certifying body.


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