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The largest producer of chocolate, cocoa powder and cocoa butter


Producers of synthetic and natural products including permitted dyes & food colours

A global leader in food industry for providing seasonings, emulsifiers, bread crumbs and meat coating systems for processed foods


Global producer in providing functional and active ingredients for food and pharma industries



Producer of major raw materials for the production of bubble gums, chewing gums and powder gum for confectionery, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries



Global leader in providing gum acacia, natural gum, karaya gums, resins and food additives for food, snacks, confectionery and pharma industries



Pioneers in caramel and caramelized based products in food additives ingredients for food & beverages, dairy, pharma and confectionery industries



Global leader for versatile masking agents, sweeteners, intensifiers, extenders, flavour enhancers and natural licorice products for confectionery, food, cosmetics and pharma industries



Leading manufacturer and supplier of Lauric type hard butter, cocoa butter and specialty oils & fats



Leading producer of specialty based natural ingredients and sweeteners for food and beverages industry



Manufacturer and distributors of dehydrated fruits and enzymes (bromelain)


Secna is our international partner for natural colors, anthocyanins and juice concentrates.