“We Create to Inspire & Innovate quality solutions for Fragrance, Skin & Body Care products”
We deliver world class ingredients in a way that doesn’t undermine the world. We believe Sustainability isn’t a choice, it’s an edict, and so we’ve committed ourselves to the highest standards of ethical and sustainable sourcing of raw ingredients to finished products, with our top global suppliers & a highly specialized staff we strive to create iconic products having own uniqueness and stands out in terms of their consumer preference.
Our Global Ingredient Partners ‘Symrise & PQ Corporation’ delivers world leading flavors & fragrances making our products Uniquely Creative & Innovative.

Our Industries

Personal & Home Care
Fine Fragrances
Baby Care Products
Room Sprays
Soaps and Shampoo

Active Ingredients:
Whitening Agents
Moisturizing Agent
Anti-Irritant Agent
Anti-microbial Agent

Oral Care:
Tooth Paste Flavours
Tooth Paste Ingredients

Face Wash
Tooth paste
Whitening Boosters
Talcum powder


FEI uses silica manufactured by PQ Corporation, a leading global provider of specialty catalysts, services, materials and chemicals. Silica, a chemical component, is commonly used in a variety of products ranging from toiletries facial and skin care and beauty products. The Oral Care products supplied by FEI contains cleaning properties, which are suitable for sensitive areas. The silica provided by FEI is used in toothpaste to lend the product good color and taste. The silica component is also used in the food industry for anti-caking functions, which comes in the form of an insoluble white powder that function as a selective absorbent. For the cosmetics industry, we use amorphous silica, which has been widely implemented, in our cosmetics and personal care products including bath products, eye makeup, and hair care products, nail care products and skin care products.