Vibgyor Culinary Solutions:

Vibgyor culinary solutions, was established in 2018 as an extension of the Vibgyor brand to provide high-quality food ingredients to the food industry. The quality of raw materials and compliance with the most stringent industry standards make Vibgyor Culinary Solutions products safe and versatile in all kitchens. Our seamlessly integrated quality management systems and hygiene standards ensure top quality throughout all products of Vibgyor range. We are proud to have broad quality guarantee systems, which include all relevant ISO 9001, ISO 22000, Food Safety System Certification and Halal Food Management certification. Our clientele ranges from housewives baking at home to hotels, cafés, catering businesses, and independent bakeries.

    The core categories that fall under Vibgyor culinary solutions are:

    VCS Culinary Flavors

    VCS Culinary Colors

    VCS Cake Gels 

    VCS Mirror Glaze Gels

    VCS Cocoa gold

    VCS Optimum Desserts


It is both our strength and pride to develop a wide range of natural identical flavours. The three main flavours are:
    Madagascar Vanilla
    Swiss Chocolate
    Danish Butter
The flavours perfect blend into hot and cold applications offering a splendid solution for versatile flavouring, ideal for frosting, fondants, baked items, ice cream, drinks and fudge.


With great care, only selected and FDA approved halal food colours are used to produce vibrant liquid gel colours for versatile applications. Vibgyor colouring preparations are specially formulated to create bright & vivid colours without altering the consistency of buttercreams and icings. Vibgyor’s Engineers have perfected the method of food colours that the colours blend evenly into icings without leaving specks and work well in cake batters, cookies dough, ice cream, and all kind of beverages that spark your creativity.
The main colours that Vibgyor culinary solutions uses are:
    Deep Blue
    Red Velvet
    Lemon Yellow
    Orange Base
    Spring Green
    Pink Rose
    Deep Purple


Vibgyor cake gel is a unique combination of plant-based emulsifiers, which acts as a batter-aerating agent, increases cake volume and fluffiness. In addition to this, Vibgyor cake gel significantly contributes to the uniformity of cake texture, both internal and external, crumb softening, and uniform dispersion of the air cells within the cake. Cake gel can be added to existing cake recipes, without the need for additional formula modifications.


Ready-to-use mirror glaze gel is an essential pantry staple for pastry chefs. Being multipurpose with a smooth and fluid texture it lets chefs quickly create an incredibly shiny and glossy finish for mousses, cakes, tarts, and fruit cuts. Mirror glaze gel offers a delightful multisensory experience that consumers love. Its thixotropic property allows it to be mixed with flavors and gel colors to add a shiny visual appearance and a highly desirable feel in the mouth.


Vibgyor Cocoa Gold range is proud to carry revolutionary Dutch cocoa blending expertise from the house of Bensdorp & Barry Callebaut. Through continuous research and development, we are now able to provide unique royal Dutch cocoa powder blends, which are of top notch European standard quality to match the changing requirements of the food service market for both artisan and professional users. Being versatile Vibgyor cocoa gold gives endless application possibilities to the chefs and confectioners.


Vibgyor Culinary Solutions offers top class integrated stabilizer and emulsifier system for all your desserts, ranging from scope-ice, soft-ice, and frozen yogurt. Optimum Desserts improve processing by controlling emulsification, aeration, stabilization, and thickening of the ice cream mix so that your product stands apart from the competition. Optimum desserts are accepted widely to increase viscosity, improve the smoothness and sensory experience, prevent ice crystal formation, and slow down the melting process.