Vibgyor Culinary Solutions

Vibgyor Culinary Solutions

As an extension to our in-house brand; Vibgyor, Vibgyor Culinary Solutions was established in 2018 and aims to provide high quality food ingredients to the local food industry. The products that we offer under the Vibgyor Culinary Solutions (VCS) umbrella, are put on sale only after going through stringent quality checks that assures safety for ingestion and hygienic standards across the product range. We are proud to hold all the relevant quality guarantee certifications that include ISO 9001, ISO 22000, Food Safety System Certification and Halal Food Management Certification. We cater to a varied clientele that includes hotels, cafés, catering businesses, home bakers and house wives baking on their own.

Following are the core categories that fall under the Vibgyor Culinary Solutions:

  • Flavors
  • Colors
  • Cake Gels
  • Mirror Glaze Gels
  • Cocoa gold
  • Vib Fondant
  • Pearl Dust Colors
  • GCB Compound Chocolates