VCS Products

Food Colors

With great care, only selected and FDA approved halal food ingredients are used to produce vibrant liquid gel colors for versatile applications. Vibgyor coloring preparations are specially formulated to create bright & vivid colors without altering the consistency of buttercreams and icings.


It is both our strength and pride to develop a wide range of natural identical flavors. The flavors perfect blend into hot and cold applications offering a splendid solution for versatile flavoring, ideal for frosting, fondants, baked items, ice cream, drinks and fudge.


Vibgyor cake gel is a unique combination of plant-based emulsifiers, which acts as a batter-aerating agent, increases cake volume and fluffiness. In addition to this, Vibgyor cake gel significantly contributes to the uniformity of cake texture, both internal and external, crumb softening, and uniform dispersion of the air cells within the cake. Cake gel can be added to existing cake recipes, without the need for additional formula modifications.


Ready-to-use mirror glaze gel is an essential pantry staple for pastry chefs. Being multipurpose with a smooth and fluid texture it lets chefs quickly create an incredibly shiny and glossy finish for mousses, cakes, tarts, and fruit cuts. Mirror glaze gel offers a delightful multisensory experience that consumers love. Its thixotropic property allows it to be mixed with flavors and gel colors to add a shiny visual appearance and a highly desirable feel in the mouth.

Cocoa Gold

Vibgyor Cocoa Gold range is proud to carry revolutionary Dutch cocoa blending expertise from the house of Barry Callebaut.


Artfully decorate your baked creations in lesser time. Our fondant range comes in various colors to suit varied…


The Pearl Colors comes in dust form, that delivers glittery, metallic, silky visual effect on confections & frosting. They are very easy to use and blends well with other colorings for virtually endless applications & exceptional brilliance. They are also suitable to be directly brushed on delicate fondants and chocolate decorations.

GCB compound chocolates

GCB compound chocolates brings the most innovative of tastes which is enriched with intense cocoa flavor & has assortment of application for Hotels, Bakeries & Cafes segments.